price list

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Virus Removal: $75. Service offered for pc’s infected with computer viruses. Technician used a suite of effective virus removal tools to stop and clean the virus. If the damage from virus infection affects system files or personal data, then a reinstallation is recommended / add $45.

Windows Reinstallation: $90. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Widows 7 are the most common operating systems requiring reinstallation. If personal files from old installation need to be restored, add $30.

New Computer Setup: $99. Technician sets up and configures customers new computer at their location, including internet virus protection, and printer.

Data Transfer: $75. Customer’s old data on his computer is transferred to an external hard drive, dvd rw, flash drive, or to a new computer. This cost covers the data. DVD’s or external hardware extra.

Laptop LCD Replacement: $60 plus cost of replacement part. If a laptop screen needs to be replaced, a new lcd is ordered and installed. Add to the the service charge the cost of the part, plus shipping if ordering new LCD is necessary.

PC Tuneup: $75 flat rate. Customer’s computer is optimized to run faster, unnecessary files, data and icons are disposed of.

Hard Drive Replacement: $40 plus the cost of part. An old hard drive that is defective or needs upgrading is replaced with a new or refurbished hard drive.

Media Drive Replacement: $30 plus the cost of part. Technician replaces customer’s dvd r, dvd rw, cd rw or cd drive.

Wireless Home Network Setup: $75 an hour. Technician sets up customers high speed internet connection for wireless access.

Computer Upgrades: $75 an hour plus the cost of parts Customer’s existing computer system is upgraded, by replacing or adding ram, replacing cpu, power supply, case, or motherboard.

New and Refurbished PC’s and Laptops: Call for pricing. J&B Digital services intends to offer new and refurbished desktop computer systems and laptops.

*Payment Method: Cash, Paypal or Money Order.

*For any replacement parts that are needed for repair, customer must make a deposit to cover the cost of the replacement part.

This price list is subject to change.  For a more accurate quote, contact us at 888-228-5475